Welcome to FireFly DSP: a new approach to developing DSP-based SOCs

The demands on Digital Signal Processing have evolved dramatically in recent years. Growing from traditional applications like wired and wireless communications to emerging markets such as vision processing, the impacts on DSP performance, power and code density are continually expanding.

FireFly is a new generation of embedded DSP services and IP company. Conceived from a set of 21st century requirements – and the latest advances in hardware and software technologies – the FireFly approach starts by helping analyze customers´ system-level requirements alongside their algorithm processing needs and software development desires – and implements a system-wide DSP solution that balances performance, code size and silicon costs while enabling a modern software development environment. Moreover, the FireFly team has a collection of proprietary and patent-pending IP that we use to deliver results that accelerate application code development while also reducing instruction memory requirements by up to 25% and costs by up to 50%.

Whether your particular need is for help efficiently mapping known algorithms to existing hardware, or developing new/extended hardware to improve performance & improve power and cost – FireFly can help.

For more information on how the FireFly DSP team and technologies can help your company - making your products more competitive and speeding time to market, contact info@fireflydsp.com.

Firefly CPU LLC is a member of the Embedded Vision Alliance, see Embedded Vision Alliance.