About FireFly DSP


For many years now, processor designs have been disconnected from advances in software development. Starting in the 1980s, RISC processor architectures were designed to keep it simple and let the software do the work. However, in the two decades since then, software tools have advanced faster than DSP microarchitectures. The FireFly concept is based on a new architectural approach, constructed specifically to take advantage of the latest developments in embedded software and to provide the foundation for the next 20 years of embedded processor needs.


Digital Signal Processors have traditionally ignored the problem of software development. These DSPs were hardware centric with little attention paid to how long or how much software development slips impacted costs, losing opportunities and impacting a project´s ROI. Firefly DSP takes a more holistic approach to hardware/software co-design. Such implementations are designed from the ground up to be easy targets for software development and delivery by an efficient team of software developers.

FireFly DSP can help you develop your DSP software using a world-class software tool chain with strong and capable debug support. We have created a platform that is designed from the ground up for productivity - and as a result can accelerate your time-to-market. Moreover, we can help you create software on a platform that utilizes a highly compact and efficient instruction set architecture – superior to virtually any other type of DSP. All this can be achieved with a savings in power and cost.

We also create the ability to interface your processor to a debugger using advanced technologies such as high speed USB, PCI Express, UDP, or CAN busses. Imagine interfacing your processor to a debugger using high-speed SerDes interfaces. FireFly DSP has developed solutions to these problems and more. Our underlying technology was developed over the course of 9 years alongside the development of advanced compiler technologies. The co-design result is a platform that is fully programmable for DSP and even MCU applications.

If you're a potential customer for our processor products or design services please contact us at info@fireflydsp.com.